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”How do I manage difficult developers?” and more…

In today’s small group mentoring session we had a bunch of good questions which touched on topics like:

  • How do I manage difficult developers?
  • Identifying and communicating our hidden expectations of developers
  • Transitioning from a “family” to “sport-team” mindset
  • Finding new areas of growth for ourselves
  • What to do when people leave in droves

All good stuff!

Here’s the questions we discussed today:

I’ve noticed that some developers are much harder to manage than others, though I’m not sure why. Do other people find this to be true? How big a variance do you see?

As I look back I see a set of unspoken expectations that were hidden, even from me. These are causing me problems, and frustrating my team. What should I do?

My company has decided to stop hiring junior people and only hire senior engineers. This sounds great, but what problems might this cause?

How can I learn more about the business side of the company, even though I’m an Engineering Manager? What benefits are there, and is it worth my time?

I’ve had a rash of people leaving lately, for various reasons, and now people are calling the company a “dumpster fire”. How do I combat that idea before others leave?

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