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A new question for your 1:1’s

In your next 1:1 meeting, try asking this question:

“What past project or success would you love to build on if given a chance?”

This is a great way to understand what excites your developers.

It also helps you know them better and build a more motivating environment.

You might not be able to give them the opportunity right now, but you can keep your eyes open, or collaborate with them to find a way to work on it.


I have a few past projects that I’d love to build on someday.

For me, I get my kicks building product configurators. I’ve built three of them from scratch and helped with a couple of others.

They are filled with juicy, interesting problems. Each time I build one I improve my design, change my approach and increase my skill.

In addition to asking your developers, why not ask yourself that same question?

What past success would you love to build on?

I’d love to know, so write me back. 🙂


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