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The Tech Leader Mentoring Group

Does this sound familiar?

You're struggling to balance coding and management.

You have to be involved with every project for it to be successful.

Team members aren't improving as quickly as you need them to.

You wish your team made better decisions.

Everyone working hard, but not enough is getting done.

You're struggling to be "agile".

The Programmer -> Manager transition is difficult for everyone, and this group will provide the support you need to be as good a leader as you are a developer.

I emphasize practical practices you can start using today, with a focus on building teams you can trust, and who trust you.

What to Expect from this Mentoring Group

Topics are chosen monthly by consensus, allowing the group decide where to focus their energy.

We'll vote on a topic each month and then you'll receive some questions & thoughts to help you think it through before we meet.



Recent topics have been:

  • Fixing underperforming activities

  • Time management

  • Agile estimation

  • Building predictability into delivery schedules

  • Managing difficult bosses (who route around you)

  • Interviews and hiring

  • Evaluating your team's ideas

  • Discipline and correction

  • Zero-surprise employee evaluations

When do the groups meet?

Meetings are Thursdays, at 12:15 pm Pacific Time, using Zoom video conferencing.


How long is each meeting?

Each group meets for 90 minutes twice a month to discuss a topic.  We'll rotate through topics each month, but you can ask questions or get help on any topic during any session.

Each one of you will get time to talk and ask questions during the meeting, and I'll answer them (or get you the answer).  We'll also help each other, so we all learn together.  Yay!

In addition, we'll have together in a closed slack channel just for our group.  This low volume channel lets you ask questions and collaborate on answers, and gives you asynchronous access to help between sessions.

I'll also record each meeting, and send out the recording for your reference.

Groups start monthly!

I’m limiting it to 5 people at a time. This keeps the office hours call wide open for going deep into your needs, and covering all the context and background information needed to do effective problem-solving and coaching.

My one-on-one coaching services range from $1,750 to $5,000 per month.

This mentoring group is the most cost-effective way to get the support and help you need at just $650/month. Once you buy, your price will never increase. Prices will go up over time, but once you've subscribed you're locked in.

You can cancel at any time, so you’re in the driver’s seat in terms of cost. I think of this as graduating, so I’ll actually be excited for you if you say you’re ready to cancel. You’ll never get pressure to stay on longer than you’d like.

Need just a little bit of support to get where you want to go? Join for a month or three, graduate when you’re ready.

Need more time or support? Stay a member as long as you like at your original membership price.

The "You gotta be happy!" Guarantee

If you decide this isn't for you, for any reason, I'll immediately give 100% of your money back, no questions asked.  I want you to be happy with your decision to take this training.  No questions asked.

2017 Price: $650/mo

What people say about working with me...

Why am I doing this?

Because you asked me to.  Even though I email back every person that emails me with a problem, and I give away free mentoring sessions each December, I still get asked for more.  Yet most people can't afford the prices of my one-on-one coaching services, so they are left without the support they need to be successful.

Plus, I noticed that in the group workshops I've held, an amazing thing keeps happening: people love the small-group dynamics, and so do I.  So I'm really excited to offer these programs, and know we'll have great conversations.


Why should you trust me?

First, I've been leading developers for 20 years at startups, agencies and enterprises.

Second, I've spent the past three years helping Freelancers, Agency Owners and Software Leaders improve their lives.  Through individual coaching, group mentoring with Brennan Dunn's Double Your Freelancing Clients and my writing and YouTube channel, I've helped thousands of people feel more productive and confident in their role.

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