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Safety not guaranteed

It’s not an act of courage to enter a grocery store.

Unless it’s on fire.

We expect firefighters to be courageous enough to run toward situations we run from.

When the situation isn’t dangerous, courage isn’t necessary. Anyone can do it.

When we ask our team to “speak up” with courage, we’re subtly acknowledging that the situation is dangerous.

More importantly, we’re communicating it’s their responsibility to deal with a dangerous situation.

But, speaking up shouldn’t require courage because it shouldn’t be dangerous.

It’s our responsibility to make it safe for everyone.

Fixing it is made even harder when we realize that we, the managers, are largely blind to the danger our team feels.

So, how can you fix something you can’t see or feel?

More ideas on that tomorrow.

In the meantime, what comes to mind for you?

Stay curious,

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