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What I saw when I turned my head to the left

turn left

I need to lose weight, so I try to walk every day.  Some of you might recall that I went to Europe 18 months ago, and I’ve gained 20 pounds since then.  Ugh!

To try and reverse this trend, I walk for 45-60m each day.  And I always walk the same familiar route each day.  I don’t pay much attention to the surroundings because there isn’t anything new to see.

Or, so I thought.

Today I turned my head to the left at a place I never had before, and I saw something new.  I saw a familiar landmark from a new perspective.  It surprised me so much; I stopped in my tracks.
“Oh, that’s what it looks like from the other side!” I exclaimed aloud.

I was so surprised that I spent the rest of the walk looking for new things.  Swiveling my noggin from side-to-side, looking for new perspectives.

It reminded me of when I was a Team Lead, and I used to walk down the hall with my head down, thinking there wasn’t anything new to see.
What new things would I have seen if I’d turned my head more often?

New things about my team, my customer, our process and our code.  New perspectives open up new possibilities.

What will you see if you turn your head left today?

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