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Improvisational sketch leadership

The phrase “live workshop” contains two concepts.

Most of us focus on the “workshop” part – reading the topics and activities to ensure it teaches what we want to learn. This engages our analytical brain which asks “what will I get out of this?”

But it’s easy to overlook the importance of the “live” part, especially with the current popularity of video courses.

The live part speaks to “how will be changed by this?”

A movie is great, but live theater is more powerful.

Listening to a song on Spotify is great, but a live performance will be remembered forever.

And a video course might be helpful, but a live workshop can change your life.

Our live workshops are like improvisational sketch theater: the audience is a key participant, and it’s never the same twice.

No one knows what to expect, but everyone is there to offer and receive something.

That’s the best way to describe our upcoming live workshop.

While we’ve got activities planned, but it’s impossible to determine what ideas and learning our generative dialogue will generate. What we will all learn together.

Both the participants and the leaders always go away with something.

In that way, it’s like leadership. We work hard to set the stage, design the environment, but ultimately it’s the interaction between people that makes magic.

I hope you consider joining us for Software Leaders Seminar next month, our live leadership workshop.

You’ll improve your leadership skills, and come away smiling.

You’ll also learn by example different patterns to use with your own team, immediately.

You can learn more, or apply, here:

Cohorts start next month and January 2020.

If you have questions, write me back.


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Where other technical coaches focus on process or tools, I focus on the human aspects of your Programmer to Manager transition. I help you hire the right people, create the right culture, and setup the right process which achieves your goals. Managing your team isn't something you learned in college. In fact, my clients often tell me "I never prepared for this role, I always focused on doing the work". If you're ready to improve your leadership, process and team, find out how I can help you.

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