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An 8-week interactive workshop for tech leaders of all kinds, beginning May 20, 2019.

No one wants to be the heavy-handed, nit-picking, by-the-book manager.  Yet that's all that 90% of management books teach.

What if you could lead with inspiration instead of micromanaging your team into mindless drones who curse you behind your back?


Ask yourself:

  • Would production grind to a halt if you took a month’s vacation?
  • Are you exhausted trying to keep up with everything?
  • Do you have to be in the middle of every decision?
  • Does your team endlessly debate new technologies, without shipping on-time?
  • Are you coding because you don't know how else to get things done?

If this sounds familiar, I've got news for you:

You're dipping dangerously close to being a clueless boss.

It's easy to do.  As a recent participant realized, "Holy crap, I might have been someone's WORSE BOSS EVER."



The problem is that you're managing when you should be leading.

Pause for a minute and consider the difference.  Managing applies to things, which is why we say that we "manage our money", "manage our time", "manage our code", "manage our website content", etc.

No one ever said, "I need to lead my money better."  That's just silly.


But you must learn to lead people.

Yes, many bosses (micro)manage their developers. And, for a while, it can even seem like it’s working. However, it’s an outdated practice born of an assembly line and factory management that was never meant as a means of developing software in the 21st century.

Your team is already motivated… but you’re killing their mojo. They can do a lot more, but something’s holding them back. They don’t offer ideas, take risks, or dream big. Instead, they complain, play it safe and wait to be told what to do.


Managing your developers actually turns them into ‘code monkeys’.
Treating motivated, educated, experienced developers like code-monkeys is as absurd as asking Jonny Ive to fix your MacBook, or Picasso to paint your house.


You're not alone.
I was a micromanaging boss for years because it’s how I was managed, and how my boss expected me to manage others. Even when it felt wrong, I still kept doing it, because I didn’t know any other way.


Marcus Blankenship presents...

Software Leader Seminar

Next Workshop starts May 20, 2019


This is an eight-week, hands-on tech leadership course:

  • Videos lessons each week.
  • Hands-on leadership activities to do with your team.
  • Weekly live discussions where you can get help.
  • Discuss the lessons and your experiences with the community
  • You can participate in any timezone on the planet.
  • You can apply it within any process, from agile, #NoEstimates or (gasp!) waterfall.
  • Everyone starts together, but you finish at your own pace.

Course Overview

Warm Ups: The difficulties of transition

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and lost in your transition from programmer to manager, you’re not alone. You’ll learn WHY this change is so hard, strategies for navigating this change and build confidence around your new identity as a technical leader.

Week 1: What is leadership?

You’ll learn a practical framework for technical leadership, the MOI(J) model.  You’ll gain insight into your innate leadership style, and learn to use others. And we’ll finally answer the age-old question: are leaders born or made?

Week 2: The leadership lens

Throughout history most people have subscribed to the “Great Man Theory” of leadership, imagining that leadership was mostly about the leader. You’ll learn how to apply new scientific studies which shatter misconceptions and reveal the single most important factor in your developers' performance and satisfaction.

Week 3: Creating problem-solving teams

Developers love solving problems, but many managers inadvertently build teams which depend on themselves too much. This mistake consumes all your time and forces you to be in the middle of every decision. Instead, you’ll learn to empower your teams to solve technical, process and business problems safely with confidence.

Week 4: Creating teams that learn

The hallmark of great agile teams is learning together, from success and failures. Yet most managers simply hope their developers won’t repeat the mistakes of the past, without guiding their teams through the learning cycle. You’ll learn a powerful learning model and how to use the ORID framework to facilitate continuous team improvement.

Week 5: Offering effective feedback

Leaders must learn to offer effective, actionable feedback which can be used to improve. Without feedback, your team feels lost and in the dark. They spend more time worrying about their jobs than doing them. You’ll learn the powerful secrets of offering feedback which respects, illuminates and empowers change.

Week 6: Getting the feedback you need

Without fail leaders are frustrated that their teams won’t give them honest, clear feedback. Like a car hurtling down a dark road without headlights, they’re driving blind. Learn the secrets of getting honest feedback, how to respond to feedback, and how to create a safe environment for people to give feedback to each other.

Week 7: Great 1:1 Meetings

Learn to improve your relationships through great one-on-one meetings that benefit you and your team.  This is the place we'll apply everything we've learned, and create professional and personal connections which build loyalty and motivation.

Week 8: Using One-on-One Retrospectives

Learn to use the #RetroEverything philosophy to continually improve your One-on-One meetings, allowing negotiation, give-and-take, and bi-directional trust.

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Sounds good, but I have questions.

I'm too busy to put something new into practice.

It might seem like you’re too busy to take another class, another training, or implement another practice, but that’s short-sighted.  It’s not difficult to imagine how busy you will be if your team can't deliver on time. If you’re already “too busy”, building a high-performance environment is one of your most important initiatives.

I'm not a good enough manager to inspire people to be loyal.

Nah!  If you can learn to code (a completely foreign thing to humans!) you can learn to relate to another human being.  This isn’t rocket science, and like any skill, it can be learned with a bit of practice.

I'll be unable to put these ideas into practice where I work.

I have never found an organization where these practices could not be implemented, from agencies, to start-ups, to enterprises.  Like anything worth doing, it will require effort on your part, but you will not be alone.

I don't have the authority to make changes needed to keep my developers happy.

Your boss doesn’t want to see turnover either, so he’s also motivated to keep your best people.  We’ll explore how you can work with upper management to create the kind of environment your people need to be happy and productive.

Will this work in any timezone?

Yes.  You can read/watch the lesson at your convenience, and participate in discussions anytime.  I will rotate the time office hours take place to support people around the world.

"I require every new manager that reports to me to sign up for Marcus's newsletter, and often discuss it in staff meetings. Leadership with a capital "L" is a real part of the discipline I now bring to the coaching experience with my team.

I continue to work one-on-one with Marcus to this day, and I hope I will always be able to lean on him and dialog about challenges.

He is worth way more than you can ever pay him."

Andrew Coven, Director of Content Acquisition Engineering, Netflix

Who is Marcus Blankenship?

Hi, I’m Marcus Blankenship and was a Team Lead, Software Manager, and CTO for the better part of nineteen years. I’ve spoken at conferences, led workshops on technical leadership around the US, coached CTOs, and helped companies like Box, Netflix, JELD-WEN, PayPal and others create high-performing software teams and grow effective technical leaders.

I’ve lead software teams which build products that delivered over $1 BILLION in sales, spanned six continents, and included hundreds of people. These days I routinely command an effective hourly rate of $2000+ per hour.

The unconscious acceptance of (micro)management as the only option for leading technical teams is a collective hallucination that literally keeps me up at night. In fact, I dream of a future where every developer thinks, “I have the best boss in the world!”

Care to join me? You’ll be glad you did (and your team will thank you!)

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