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A thought on Relational Onboarding

Okay, so you know I started a new job. Can I use that as an excuse not to have worked on the book much?

Hmmm… as I write this, the word ‘excuse’ stands out. I think I have my answer.

Thankfully, I get another try next week.

And you do too. 🙂

Instead, I’ll send over a quick realization that occurred to me this week.


Being onboarded is naturally hard

It’s confusing, both for the onboarder and the onboarded.

This new company has done an excellent job – better than I’ve ever done or experienced.


But since it’s naturally hard, we shouldn’t consider it our failing when (not if) people feel confused, lost, and frustrated during the process.

This isn’t to say we shouldn’t do our best, but since people aren’t machines, our results will vary.


I will say having a manager that checks in often, and an Onboarding Buddy (thanks Tony!), and a welcoming team have helped a lot.

So, +100 to focusing on the relational side of Onboarding.


Oh, and why is it confusing for the onboarder?  

Because though you can design the ‘Onboarding process’, you can never design the ‘Onboarding feelings’ someone experiences.


Stay curious,


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