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Timex or Rolex?

From ten feet away I can’t tell if someone is wearing a Timex, Omega or Rolex.

Since all three keep perfect time, are waterproof to 100m, and look so similar why would someone spend $9,000 instead of $90 on a timepiece?

As you have guessed, spending $9,000 on a watch says something significant about the buyers status, taste and priorities.

But since others may not be able to tell the difference, who are they sending that message to?

Price is the biggest indicator of quality and status.

Don’t insult your customers with “rock bottom” prices.  Instead, make them see hiring you as a status symbol which few can afford.

Raise your prices.

About Marcus Blankenship

Where other technical coaches focus on process or tools, I focus on the human aspects of your Programmer to Manager transition. I help you hire the right people, create the right culture, and setup the right process which achieves your goals. Managing your team isn't something you learned in college. In fact, my clients often tell me "I never prepared for this role, I always focused on doing the work". If you're ready to improve your leadership, process and team, find out how I can help you.

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