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“Thanks for coming in on-time, Todd.”

I was chatting with my general contractor, and the subject of offering feedback to team members came up.  See if this sounds familiar.

He said, “I get soooooo sick of nagging them to do things right, I feel like I’m constantly complaining.  I want to be a good boss, so now instead of complaining about someone who’s late, I praise someone who’s on-time in front of them.”

Curious, I asked, “Really, can you give me an example?”

“Sure.  This morning Jim was about 30 minutes late, but everyone else was on-time.  When I saw Jim and Todd talking before lunch, I walked up and said “Thanks for coming in on-time, Todd.”  Then I looked at Jim for a long minute to make sure he got the message.  That style of feedback keeps me from having to constantly complain because no-one likes a boss like that.”

What do you think?

What do you think of that style of feedback?
How would you change it?

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