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Humble provocateur

The Satir Change Model, created by Virginia Satir, depicts personal and organizational change as five stages:

  1. Late Status Quo
  2. Resistance
  3. Chaos
  4. Integration
  5. New Status Quo


The move from Late Status Quo to Resistance is caused by a foreign element, which provokes the status quo.  Gets people talking.  Gets them thinking.  Maybe even makes them angry.

It’s not surprising that the next phase is resistance.  After all, a foreign element (whether a person, idea, process, etc.foreign) is threatening to the comfort of the status quo.

Assuming the element can’t be resisted, the foreign element must be dealt with.  The chaos stage ensues, bringing with it lots of energy, thrashing, discussion, confusion and, well, chaos.  Not a fun time for the folks going through it.

Finally, a transforming idea is discovered.  New possibilities arise.  New relationships form.  Things improve and people can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  This begins the integration phase, leading back to a new, better status quo.  And eventually, the cycle begins again.

But where are you?

Where are you in your change process?
What foreign element has provoked you, that you are resisting?
Are you in need of a transforming idea to give you see new opportunities?

You’ll get there, just don’t give up.  Take heart that this is a process of discovery that leads to better performance.

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