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Managing to Solve An Elegant Puzzle with Will Larson

Episode 20 At Stripe, guest Will Larson received his first official management training by an employer. It taught him about different management styles, problem-solving, and more. But most employees don’t get management training, which can cause problems down the road. Marcus and Will discuss this, plus what it takes to handle leadership roles.    …

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Monkeys and Rocks with Matt Greenberg

Episode 19 If a friend asks you to help them move something heavy, like a rock, you probably wouldn’t think twice. But if they asked you to take care of their pet monkey… That’s the beginning of our chat with Matt Greenberg, Vice President of Engineering at Credit Karma, who compares problems of various types…

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Dynamic Reteaming with Heidi Helfand

Episode 18 The only constant is change.  Heidi Helfand knows a thing or two about changes in organizations. From re-teaming to re-organizations to just shuffling a member or two, in this episode we’ll learn how to think about these inevitable changes and what to do when they happen.     Show Notes What are some…

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Putting the Emotion Into EQ with Etienne de Bruin

Episode 17 Emotional intelligence is essential to good leadership, but many CTO’s stress the importance of IQ instead. To move from contributor to manager, it’s a good idea to invest the time to explore EQ, as well as personality profiles to better understand how to manage people.     Show Notes Managing expectations Emotional Intelligence…

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The Importance of Proper Feedback

Episode 16 Do people really crave feedback? That’s the assumption a lot of managers make, so in this episode we’ll talk about what feedback really means and how you can give it in a meaningful, productive manner.     Show Notes What is the history of feedback? Your output becomes their input The limits of…

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Authentic Feedback

Episode 14 We’ve all experienced feedback that was unhelpful — but why was it that way? Supervisors want to motivate us and bring out our best, but perhaps they don’t always think about the feedback they’re giving. Is it really helpful? Is it addressing the real problem? What’s the context? In this episode, we’ll look…

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There’s Always More Information

Episode 13 Breaking a problem down can help you see it more clearly, and attack the issues wrapped up in that problem more effectively. Sometimes we tackle problems that are large or connected to other issues, and it can be helpful to take a step back, consider other perspectives, get more information, and try breaking…

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Motivation is NaN (Not a Number)

Episode 12 What motivates your programmers? In this episode, Marcus looks at the various factors that impact motivation, and why one of his engineers just wasn’t grooving on a project. Chances are you’ve got teammates who feel the same way. Guess what? It’s not that they’re lacking in motivation, it’s that they’re no longer motivated…

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Communication 101: Be Clear and Direct

Episode 6 Have you ever wondered why people can’t just be clear and direct? In this episode of the Programming Leadership podcast, we’re going to discuss this problem, identify some possible root causes, and learn how we can be more simple and clear in our communications.   Show Notes When you become a manager, you…

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