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A one-second experiment about words

Today let’s run a one-second experiment about words:

First, read this quote from a study:

“Research shows that taking two deep breaths helps to clear the mind, reduce stress, and improve problem-solving abilities. Often participants aren’t aware of their shallow breathing until prompted.”

Did you notice any change to your own breathing as you read it?

If you’re like me, you may have taken a couple of deep breaths.

And you might not have even noticed that you did.

I find that when I read about things which are mostly unconscious (e.g. breathing or posture) I have an almost immediate (but temporary) reaction.

Does this happen when you talk to your team? Do you see a temporary reaction, but in time it feels as though those words have fallen on deaf ears?

They aren’t. Words have power.

But you might need to say them more often, as people might quickly return to their normal state.

Just like your breathing has now returned to its normal state.

What might you need to say to your team more often?

What might you need to hear more often?


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