I Want to Give You a Fighting Chance

You don’t have to learn how to be a great manager the hard way. I want to help you level up faster.

I get paid to coach overwhelmed technical managers. After 6 weeks, almost every one of them feels dramatically more confident and capable in their role, and is seeing better performance from themselves and their team.

I am taking the same insightful, actionable lessons I teach in my coaching and putting them out as a free newsletter.

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  1. Increase your performance as a manager
  2. Improve your team’s performance
  3. Boost your confidence as a manager
  4. Prevent blown deadlines
  5. Increase team morale and loyalty
  6. Manage your manager and your customers


“Marcus helped me build a team I can delegate to effectively.”

keith-perhacMarcus helped me build a team I can delegate to effectively, and they build deliverables that I am proud to ship to our clients.

Before working with Marcus, I had “delegation deadlock”. I delegated poorly to my team because I knew I could do it faster if I just did it myself. But every time I did that, I shortchanged the long-term growth of my programming team, and ultimately my business.

Keith Perhac, Delfinet.

With 18 years of experience and a $750-million track record of success, I help Team Leads, Programming Leads, and Software Managers just like you learn to be awesome managers.

To your success as a manager,




Marcus Blankenship

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