Manage Your Software Development Team Right and Get the Results You’ve Always Wanted


You might be a CTO, Software Development Manager, or Product Team Lead.

You might manage a team of 2, 20... or 200.

But no matter what, if you ship software, you know the sweat, stress, and sheer panic that goes with the job.

Blown deadlines. Bad hires. Broken processes that grind your team to a halt.

Or worse… no process whatsoever!

It’s exhausting, but you keep telling yourself that if you just had a little more time, you’d straighten everything out.


Stop Stressing Out Over Short-term Deadlines and Take Control of Your Success


With 18 years of experience and a $750-million track record of success, I help CTOsIT Managers, and Product Leads just like you get results.


“Marcus’ contribution is priceless.

We bear witness time again to his breath of ability coupled with his depth of knowledge in the digital space.

Each time in awe.

— Colin Kwong, Sr. Digital Strategist & Project Manager, LiveAreaLabs


Learn the Secrets of Building and Leading a High-Performing Software Development Team

( Without Compromising Quality... or Losing Your Sanity! )



My name’s Marcus: veteran tech lead, code slinger, and all-around nice guy.

If anyone knows what you’re going through right now, it’s me.

Nearly 20 years ago I made the leap from senior-level hacker to full-on “tech lead.” Practically overnight I went from writing code to being in charge of actual human beings.

Without training or guidance, I suddenly had to deliver entire products on time and under budget, hit huge company goals, and do it all with a smile on my face.  

I made a lot of mistakes — wasteful, frustrating mistakes — the kind you’re probably all too familiar with.

Though it all, I learned how to keep my team motivated, organized, and productive. I learned how to fix problems by focusing on root causes, rather than crises.

I mastered the art of hitting those “crazy” deadlines again and again, without burning out or falling apart.


After nearly 20 years coaching, consulting, managing & shipping, I’ve helped countless business leaders achieve their goals. And I can do the same with you.


Start today.   

Just tell me who you are and within 24 hours we’ll schedule your first no-risk, no-fluff, no-BS, 90-minute strategy session for $250.

In fact here’s my promise: not only will we pinpoint your most pressing problems, but you’ll walk away with a clear plan of action to start implementing immediately!

If you're not 100% satisfied I will refund your money on the spot!

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Stop Scrambling From Crisis to Crisis…

With My Help, You’ll Achieve the Goals that Actually Matter


Instead of …

  • Feeling like you're blindly grasping for solutions

  • Building short-term, band-aid code fixes

  • Turning a blind eye to snowballing technical debt

  • Shipping broken features and saying "we'll do it better next time"

You could be …

  • Walking into work unstressed, knowing exactly what needs to be done, and how to do it

  • Feeling secure knowing you’ve built a software process that will scale — no matter what happens

  • Shipping client-delighting software you can be truly proud of

  • Going home at night feeling like you spent your time with genuine purpose


“I have grown to depend on Marcus as my Chief Trusted Adviser.”

I lean on Marcus to help me refine my thinking, pick the best ideas, and deliver quality solutions. He is a strategic thinker who is not afraid of rolling up his sleeves and digging into the details. Key to his success is that Marcus always challenges the core assumptions to make sure that mistakes are not made early in projects.

This makes the outcome of working with him highly successful.

— Scott Queen, Sr. Digital Strategist, CMD

“Marcus made sure we never had to compromise on quality.”

From the early ideation stages to shipping the app, it was Marcus' ability to keep things organized and manage priorities that enabled development to move forward while allowing the team to focus on creating the best user experience possible.

— Ankit Brahmbhatt, Product Manager

“Marcus knows a lot of things about a lot of things”

...and possesses an uncanny ability to filter through it all to pinpoint ideas and value. He’s positive and upbeat even in stressful conditions and has the kind of human empathy that I believe is imperative for the future of technology as a human-focused medium.

— Carrie Peters, Designer

“Marcus is honest, ethical, professional & someone I trust.”

I have had the pleasure of working with Marcus on several occasions. Each project had a variety of technical or client hurdles that presented new challenges to us every day… Be it the complexity of a customized CMS w/ a highly functioning (and beautiful) front-end UI, or deep in the weeds of an App algorithm,

Marcus always did his homework and found an answer. As a PM, he makes my job easy.

— Jim Morrell, Sr. Project Manager, Starbucks

Together we can get more (way more!) out of your team, your software, and you.

My consulting & coaching services are perfect for IT Managers, Agency PMs, and Startup C-Levels looking to strip away bloat, implement scalable-software processes, and invigorate their development teams.


All client engagements kick off with a
1-on-1 Strategy Session:

  • No fluff, no BS — we tackle your most pressing problems on day one
  • 100% confidential, 90-minute video chat with me, Marcus Blankenship
  • Together, we pinpoint the root cause of your problem, and the most effective fix
  • You walk away with a clear, actionable next steps to implement
  • Best of all, I follow up with you at a scheduled time… to make sure you followed through!

These 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions offer a fantastic, no-strings-attached taste-test of the caliber of strategic & technical value I provide my clients.

I’m not a fan of “initial consultations” full of wishy-washy small talk.

In my sessions, we focus immediately on solving your toughest problem, so you get more than your money’s worth right from the start.

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Don’t put your success off any longer.

Just tell me who you are and within 24 hours we’ll schedule your first no-risk, no-fluff, no-BS, 90-minute strategy session for $250.

And like I said, here’s the promise: not only will we pinpoint your most pressing problems, but you’ll walk away with a clear plan of action to start implementing immediately!

If you're not 100% satisfied I will refund your money on the spot!



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