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 Leadership Books

These books might be written for all kinds of leaders, but we have a lot to learn from them.  All of them are worth your time, I promise.  In fact, much of my writing and training is inspired directly from these books!

The Trusted Advisor

Recommended by Marcus

Crucial Conversations

Recommended by Marcus

The Truth About Leadership

Recommended by Amy

Lead from the Heart

Recommended by Jason

It's Okay to be the Boss

Recommended by Eliza

The 27 Challenges Managers Face

Recommended by Marcus

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Recommended by Marcus

Agile & Technology Books

More and more people are writing about leading programmers, or creating great software teams, and that makes me happy!  I have a lot more books to go in this section, but this is a good start.

Are Your Lights On?

Recommended by Scott

Becoming a Technical Leader

Recommended by Bill

Managing Humans

Recommended by Tobie

Self Reflection / Improvement Books

In order to manage others, we must manage ourself first.  Our time.  Our attitude.  Our reactions.  Our focus.  These books have helped me do that for many years.

Selling & Negotiating Books

If you don't think Selling and Negotiating are part of your job, think again. You have to sell your boss on ideas, sell clients on technical directions, and sell you team on following you every day. Reading these books BEFORE you need them will save you a mountain of heart ache, I promise.

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