"I wish I'd had this when I become a tech lead!"

You've been getting programming help from the StackOverflow community for years.

You ask questions, get answers, and see different perspectives.

It's the first place you go when something's not working.

And you value communities that help each other, offering support and guidance to others who are struggling.

Plus, you've gotten to be a better programmer by helping others with their problems.  It's sharpened your thinking and allowed you to expand your horizons.

But now that you're an engineering manager or leader, where can you turn to get help?


A Private Tech Leader Community

No matter if you are an engineering student or CTO, a first-time Lead Programmer or a long-term VP Engineering, the Tech Leader Community allows you to give and receive help from others.


Give back to the next generation

You've told me stories of how others helped you when you began leading programmers, and the pains of the transition you felt when moving from Programmer to Manager to Leader.

And, after dozens of customer interviews, I've come to realize that many of you are joining not because of what you can get, but because of what you can give back.

What a great industry we work in, filled with compassionate, diverse, inclusive folks who wish to help each other.  I'm proud to call myself an Engineering Leader because of you.

As we begin, we are currently accepting members who wish to help build this community by asking/answers questions and creating an inclusive, diverse, safe culture for everyone.

Get help with your work, and support the next generation of technical leaders.  Join Today.


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