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”What is everyone working on?”

When you’ve got a team of smart people, it’s easy for everyone to go in different directions. That’s the power of brilliant engineers, but it’s also a challenge for tech leaders.

Combine smart people with remote locations, spread across many timezones, collaborating through different systems, and you’ve got a recipe for manager stress.

That’s why Will and Macgill created Humble Dot.
Humble Dot is a tool to help managers build strong relationships, remove barriers, and understand what everyone’s working on no matter where in the world they are.
Twitter, Google, and Zendesk use it to build great relationships with their team, and I think you should check it out.
It sends everyone on the team a few questions weekly or daily to bring teams closer together and make them more productive.

HumbleDot aligns with my big, audacious mission – to build managers and companies where engineers want to work!

Plus, you can try it for 14-days for free!  Sweeet!

I’m proud and pleased to welcome them to my sponsor list. Look for their ad in this week’s podcast about Emotional Intelligence.

Oh, and because you’re on the list, they’ve got a special deal.  Head over to HumbleDot and use promo code MARCUS to save 50% off the first year.


P.S. Don’t forget to use this link to save 50%.

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