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Developers get answers with Slack. Why shouldn’t you?

Programming is great, but managing programmers is hard.

That’s why I created the #SoftwareManager slack channel.

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We’re a community of programmers who’ve “taken one for the team” and stepped into leadership.

We want to be great managers for our programmers.  We refuse to become Pointy Haired Bosses.

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#SoftwareManager is for you if…

  • You manage a team of software developers (or are about to start)
  • You manage Lead Developers, Team Leads or Software Managers and need to help them improve
  • You enjoy mentoring other people as they learn and grow, and are willing to be transparent about your successes and failures
  • You want to participate in a community of software managers, so everyone learns from each other

Who is in there?

We’ve got Owners, VP’s, CTO’s, Tech Leads, Software Managers, and Directors.  But
most importantly, we’ve got great people who subscribe to humane, progressive “Golden Rule” management style.

We’re proud to aspire to be great Managers and Leaders and to help the next generation of software managers have an easier time by passing down what we’ve already learned.  We learn from each other, and we support each other.

And, we love code.  Deeply and passionately.  We’re nerds and geeks at heart.

But we know we have important work in front of us.  We know what’s at stake, so we’re servant leaders who look out for our teams.

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Seems interesting, but…

I don’t use slack.  Can we use HipChat / IRC / email?
Nope, not at this time. Consider starting to use Slack and joining us!

There’s free slack rooms that do the same thing.  Why do you charge so much?
Yup, there are, and they are full of trolls.  My room is guaranteed TrollFree(tm).  This is a cheap investment in lowering your stress, improving your life, and learning what we talk about in here.

How is this different from forum X, Y or Z?
I know of no other group that offers a community specifically of Dev Leads, Software Managers, VP’s, CTO’s and company founders.  If you manage technologists, this unique group is for you.

I’ll just apply next month… Yup, you can join anytime.  Just know that the monthly price will go up with demand.

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How do I join?

It’s simple…
1. Pay $39 for the first month
2. You’ll receive your slack withing an hour (or the next morning, if outside of US business hours).
3. Enjoy the free 14-day trial, during which you can cancel anytime.
4. Participate in the community to be a better software leader!

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What if I want to cancel?
Email me to cancel anytime, no contract, no commitment.  

Hope to see you there!


What people say about working with me…

I require every new manager that reports to me to sign up for Marcus’s newsletter, and often discuss it in staff meetings. Leadership with a capital “L” is a real part of the discipline I now bring to the coaching experience with my team.

I continue to work one-on-one with Marcus to this day, and I hope I will always be able to lean on him and dialog about challenges.

He is worth way more than you can ever pay him.

Andrew Coven, Director of Content Acquisition Engineering, Netflix



Oddly, I felt like I would be unable to put this new information and ideas into action, and would therefore feel worse about myself than before.

I actually found the opposite. Working with Marcus has been the best form of support I could ask for. He helps me question bad assumptions, brainstorm better solutions, and he’s taught me how to manage people without screwing up.

I like the small group focus. I find that the focused attention helps dig deeper into troubling issues.

Jonathan Wold, CMO of

I became much more confident as a manager very quickly. Within a few calls with you I was already doing a better job of working with people and communicating with others. You also completely shifted my mindset on how to build and scale my operations.

Jake Jorgovan, Owner of Outbound Creative

Why should you buy from me?

My mission is to elevate the art of managing your development team.

For too long, we’ve made hero’s of brilliant developers (e.g. Linus Torvalds, John Carmack), and mocked the idea of “brilliant managers”.

I know great development managers who are doing the job because they agreed to “take one for the team”.  They left the development work they loved to do a job no one wanted.

Let’s face it, the social icon most associated with technical management is the anti-role model named “The Pointy Haired Boss” from the cartoon Dilbert.

It’s time for technical management to stop being a dirty word.  It’s time to stop believing that you need to just get out of the way of your brilliant developers.

It’s time to create the next generation of great development managers.  I hope you will join me.

PS: If this isn’t a good fit for you right now, you can always read my newsletter for free, where I provide a lot of helpful advice for managing developers and teams.

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