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Junk-food for the Manager’s Soul

In the second week of my new job, I’m feeling some strong urges.

The urge to make a big impact.

To be seen as a high-performer.

To take action, make big moves, and leave my mark.

The urge to impress.


But satisfying this urge will bring the opposite of what I really want.

To trust my team, and be trusted by them.

Because every uninformed would be about just one thing: satisfying my needs.

It might feel good at the moment, but I’d quickly regret it.


Instead, I’m watching, learning, and thinking.

And, of course, asking questions. So many questions!

Even when I think I know something, I ask anyway.

Slowly earning the right, the trust, to act.

Knowing that time will come.


Maybe you’re facing a situation where you’ve got the urge to make big changes.

If you were able to be honest, can you see what’s behind that urge?

If you want, write me back. I love to hear from you.

Stay curious,

P.S. Sorry I haven’t written to you in a while. I hope to write to you more often next week. 🙂

About Marcus Blankenship

Where other technical coaches focus on process or tools, I focus on the human aspects of your Programmer to Manager transition. I help you hire the right people, create the right culture, and setup the right process which achieves your goals. Managing your team isn't something you learned in college. In fact, my clients often tell me "I never prepared for this role, I always focused on doing the work". If you're ready to improve your leadership, process and team, find out how I can help you.

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