First-Team Groups

"I don't want to settle for just being a good-enough manager."

"I've become too comfortable, and have stopped learning."

"There's no one here to challenge me with new ideas."

Introducing First-Teams

A safe team where you don't have to pretend to have all the answers.

Where you see your problems differently by helping others with theirs.

Where you see new possibilities with your most persistent problem.


A team of technical leaders just like you, who want to level up their skills.


This is a First-Team, and we believe every manager at every level should have one.

But because they don't - we're creating this First-Team Program.


After years of experimentation, we've found when peers talk openly together and share their perspectives and experience, magic happens.

We believe that First-Teams can change the world by helping those who participate in them improve in all areas.

How it works

We're launching our first 5 First-Teams in January 2020.

Each team is limited to 10 participants.

You'll participate in two facilitated sessions per month (every other week) via videoconference, and work together between sessions in a private slack channel.


Here's the schedule for each group:

Group 1: Monday at 7am Pacific USA

Group 2: Tuesday at 12pm Pacific USA

Group 3: Wednesday at 3pm Pacific USA

Group 4: Thursday at 5pm Pacific USA

Group 5: Friday at 1pm Pacific USA

The price is $397/mo.

Join now and your price will never go up.

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