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“Dude, crank it to the left!”

I’m on “vacation” this week, which means I’m writing you from a trailer on the Oregon coast.  I was backing my travel trailer into the campsite when a voice boomed from the bushes: “Dude, crank it to the left!”

This 6′ 4″ guy with a buzz-cut emerges from the bushes and starts barking orders at me.  “You’re gonna hit the bush.  Stop… no slower… turn it…  Nope, start over.”

Without thinking, I followed his orders and assumed he knew what he talked about.  My wife was at the back of the campsite, guiding me, but I quickly lost sight of her as I tried to follow his directions.

The third time I had to circle the campsite and re-approach, he walked over to my wife and asked, “Is this his first time backing in a trailer??”

“Nope, we’ve done it many times by ourselves.”

Surprised, he paused and went back to his campsite.  When I pulled up, he was gone, and Amy and I backed it in without any problems.

What do you think?

Have you ever gotten feedback like this?
Was it helpful?
Have you ever done it?

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