Ready to unleash your team’s full potential?

Cast your vision, motivate your employees and drive real results (even if you feel like a lackluster leader!)

I help leaders unleash their team's potential.

Let's help yours.

I leave each session with Marcus feeling empowered, with a clear idea of how to tackle my toughest issues.

Through experience-based insights on complex organizational issues and calming empathetic support, I feel confident and prepared to face the challenges of leading our engineering organization.

- Eric Muntz, CTO @ Mailchimp

It doesn't have to be this way.

Ready to get started?

As a skilled consultant and industry veteran, I am your trusted advisor - on your side to help you create a high-performing technical organization.

Are you frustrated that...

...your best programmers are leaving for more 'meaningful' work?

...your senior engineers bicker endlessly over technical minutiae?

...your Team Leads fight with the Product Managers? managers hide from conflict?

...leaders don't address problems while they are small? have to be in the middle of every project for it to move forward? don't have all the answers?


Is your organization suffering from:

  1. Low team engagement and motivation
  2. Broken or stuck software delivery process
  3. Inadequate leadership skills at some levels of the org
  4. High programmer burn-out or turn-over
  5. Inadequate training for new tech-leads or software mangers
  6. Problems working with the product management group
  7. Feeling stuck in sticky, persistent people problems of all types, at all levels

Trusted by

I offer expertise in the areas of:

  1. Building effective, happy, high-performing software teams
  2. Developing technical managers and leaders
  3. Creating psychological safety in organizations
  4. Teaching and coaching groups to perform better together
  5. Creating organizations which learn from their work
  6. Building high-performing, empathetic leaders at all levels of the organization


My philosophies of work are:

  1. One's relationship with their boss impacts their performance, satisfaction, and tenure
  2. Everyone wants to fully contribute and create the best work of their lives
  3. Changing the mental models and patterns of work offer the greatest levers for positive change
  4. The problem is not the problem - coping is.
  5. Leadership is a skill which everyone can master
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I fully stand behind my work.  If you are not 100% satisfied I will refund your money immediately, no questions asked.

Option 1

Consulting/coaching services for executives, managers, and teams.

Each engagement begins with a free Discovery consultation to discuss:

  • The context of your work
  • The issues and problem you see
  • The change you hope for
  • How we can partner to bring improvement

We'll explore the patterns at play, the forces holding them in place, and new ways to move forward.

Each client has different needs, so engagements are tailored to provide the best results for your unique needs.

Option 2

Get-Help-Now Session: $397

Need help with an urgent problem or situation?  Need new perspectives on a big decision?

A one-time Get-Help-Now session is what you need.

A Get-Help-Now session helps you think through situations with new models and frameworks to find new ways forward.

You bring the problem, I'll bring new perspectives and thinking tools, and we'll work together to create a plan that you can execute on, today.

Sessions last up to two hours.



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