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Building High-Performing Remote Teams

An intensive, fully-remote, 1-day leadership training.

The hallmark of high-performing teams is their ability to learn and adapt in the face of continually changing technologies, requirements and business landscape.

While many teams perform activities such as retrospectives or root-cause analysis, they fail to achieve real learning and integrate improvement into their culture.

This simulation workshop provides managers leaders with hands-on opportunities to learn through a simulated engineering exercise and structured reflection and debriefing.  Participants will take lessons learned back to their teams, as well as skills to help their team learn and improve.

This remote, real-time simulation contains lessons about leading change, management styles, communication, documentation, collaboration and culture in a remote setting


A very special experience

Unlike other virtual training that features a talking head and endless hours of slides, this training is a fast-paced, intensive remote engineering simulation.  You'll be challenged to think fast, complete exercises with limited time and resources, collaborate in real-time and work together remotely to accomplish your goals.  I promise it will be an experience you won't soon forget (or your money back!)

It's a life-changing experience that you won't soon forget (or your money back!)


What you will learn

  1. Create an organization that learns from its own experiences
  2. Generate specific improvement ideas that will work at your company
  3. Realize the impact of communication, culture, and leadership on team performance
  4. Experience engineering situations from your team's perspective


This engineering simulation uses the same tools you use:

Managing remote developers involves a different set of tools from managing on-site teams.  To provide a realistic environment, this engineering simulation uses the same tools you manage your team with.  We include tools such as:

  1. Slack
  2. Zoom Video conference
  3. Skype
  4. Email
  5. Google docs
  6. Google groups

My on-site training is perfect for managing on-site groups, but if you manage remote teams using a fully-remote engineering simulation provides 10x the learning and impact because you're working in a realistic environment.


Who this is for

  1. Software Managers
  2. ScrumMasters
  3. Tech Leads
  4. Architects
  5. Directors
  6. VPE and CTOs


Seats per session

Each session is limited to 20 seats


Your simulation kit!

After you sign-up, you will receive a box of physical materials used in the simulation.  These are yours to keep, and you are free to reuse them to run the simulation for your team.


Training Agenda (9 hours)

  • Introduction to High-Performing Teams
  • Phase 1: Prototyping
  • Phase 2: Gathering requirements
  • Phase 3: Engineering
  • Lunch break with Q&A session
  • Phase 4: Retrospective debrief
  • Phase 5: Analysis
  • Phase 6: Presentation of Analysis
  • Final debrief


"Seriously, a full day?"

Yup.  Just as though you were attending an in-person training, this training is a single day packed full of learning (and fun).  Clear your calendar, lock your doors, and tell your team you're out of the office for the day, becuase a full 9-hour day of engineering challenges awaits!


August 2017 Session Dates

Session 1: August 2, 2017 @ 8am - 5pm PACIFIC USA

Session 2: August 9, 2017 @ 4am - 1pm PACIFIC USA

Session 3: August 16, 2017 @ 3pm - 12am PACIFIC USA

(Note: Each session is limited to 20 participants.)



$650 USD

(My workshops normally go for $2k and up, so get it on this one-time deal!)


100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied by this training, I will refund 100% of your payment immediately, no questions asked.


Testimonials from past sessions

"This was powerful for me on so many levels. Watching how people reacted to the scenario was eye-opening as people wasted time trying to figure out the rules of engagement rather than focusing on the task at hand. I saw many cycles wasted in unproductive ways when communication was blocked." - Matt K. (O'Reilly Media)

"You actively listen, reflect, provide useful interactive experiences, and you model receiving feedback for improvement as a team leader." - Katherine S. (Apple)

"Sometimes we forget about what it's like for our direct reports. This gave us visibility back into how important communication is from the receiving point of view." - Lawrence T.

"I found an interesting cast of other participants, who all had a wide range of experiences and lessons learned. Hearing their feelings were just as important as the class I found because they represent the range of people we work with and how they all perceive things differently." - Charlie R. (Riot Games)

"I found the material to be current to my work. Some examples were too close to home! The quality of the students attending this workshop made the exercises that much more helpful." - Aminie E. (

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