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I'm a management consultant for engineering managers and leaders.

There are many different problems people and teams face, and I have listed a few common ones below.

You may need something that you don't see.  That's fine.  I'm a lot more flexible than this.

Each consulting engagement is customized for the client's specific need, context, business, team, and outcomes.

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"When you know better, you do better." - Maya Angelou

My philosophy is that people want to do a good job, and are doing the best job they can.

When they know how, they will do better.


Here are a few ways I can help.

These services help individuals perform more effectively.

I can teach you how to …

… manage your own work more effectively.

… lead others without formal authority.

… ease the transition from engineer to manager.

… improve how you manage and lead team members who report to you.

… improve your software development process.


These services help groups perform more effectively together.

I can teach your team how to...

… build trust and talk openly when the stakes are high

… improve how you work together as a team

… understand and navigate change

… create a culture of safety

… create a culture of learning and growth


These services help deliver software, improve quality, and develop their leaders.

I can partner with you to...

… to help deliver an upcoming software project through hands-on work as a Product/Project Management work, as an Agile Coach, or a Contract Engineering Manager.

… improve an existing software project which is struggling.

… mentor your leaders and managers.

… provide learning experiences at a company off-site or event.

How do I start?

It begins with a free discovery call to talk about what's going on in your world.

During the discovery call, I'll begin by asking you three things:

  1. What situation are you facing?
  2. What do you feel might be the problem?
  3. How have you tried to fix the problem?

From there the conversation will naturally flow, and we'll discuss what option would be most effective for you.

If I'm not the right person to help, I'll refer you to someone I trust who you may decide to work with.

It's simple, painless, and will help us both understand more about what's happening.

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