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You can borrow my teaching style

If the thought of leading in-house training sounds like as much fun as a root canal, this email’s for you. Especially training with a name like “Engineering Leadership Training,” right? Let me offer a super-simple idea for a zero-level training you could start today. Here’s how it might work: Setup (30m) Choose a book on…

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Push training vs. Pull training

In the 1980s there were some studies about what motivates programmers, based on Job Characteristics Theory. You probably aren’t surprised to learn that a key motivating factor is “growth.” This is more than just career growth – it’s improving tech skills, communication skills, leadership and management skills, and even understanding ourselves better. You might even…

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Some beliefs about your training programs

I’m working on this engineering management training program, which I’m tentatively calling Origin Point. After all, everything needs a name, amiright? The origin point is the center of the cartesian plane.  It also sounds like the beginning of the journey. I kinda like both those ideas. Last night I wrote a draft of the “beliefs”…

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