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Adaptable Technical Leadership Workshop

Is your team stuck in neutral?

Does your environment seem to limit which members contribute, and how much?

Does your company suffer from high turnover, low engagement or poor quality?

(16 seats left.)

Are your brilliant developers struggling to deliver software on-time or in-budget?

Are you experiencing high turn-over or disengaged developers?

Are the stock answers provided by agile/scrum/kanban failing to have the impact you need?

Do you find yourself feeling like managing your team "just shouldn't be this hard"?

Is your team hampered by communication silos, politics, arrogance or other human problems?

Are the final result of your team's efforts falling short of management's expectations?

Do you wish your team learned from their mistakes?


If so, you need Adaptable Technical Leadership.  

Technical Leaders create adaptable teams where everyone can contribute to delivering valuable software.  Adaptable teams use learning cycles to continually improve and face the challenges of new technology and projects.  They face risk, embrace learning, collaborate and value everyone's ideas.  They set aside ego, fear of failure and they myth that they can know everything, trading those things for productive problem solving and collaboration that continually grows and changes to meet business challenges.

In short...

They don't just collaborate; they cooperate.

They don't just document; they communicate.

They trade "we've always done it that way" for "how can we do it better?"

And, they have a great deal of fun doing it.

Adaptable teams are built by adaptable managers and leaders.  This training helps you how to become that kind of leader, so you can build that kind of team.

Course Objectives

Through simulations and group activities, you will learn:

  1. The key mindset of adaptable technical management and leadership
  2. How to create an environment where every team member contributes to solutions
  3. How to build dramatic learning cycles into your team’s work
  4. How to improve delegation, communication, and motivation
  5. How to improve design communication between teams
  6. How to teach teams to use reflection and observation to improve their work
  7. Specific exercises and strategies you can use to help your team self-improve



  • Team/Tech Leads or Software Architects
  • ScrumMasters/ Agile coaches
  • Software Managers and Directors
  • Project Managers
  • IT / Integration Managers



The workshop’s design and content will take your skills to the next level.  In this workshop you’ll learn how to create an environment where everyone contributes through various leadership activities, regardless of title, and how to create high-performing, self-improving software teams.


Course Outline

In this workshop we’ll cover:

  • Foundations of technical leadership
      1. Leader-Member Exchange Theory
      2. MOI(J) Model
      3. Leadership and Self-Reflection
  • Creating learning cycles with your team
      1. Piaget’s Learning Cycle
      2. The Satir Change Model
      3. The Experience -> Invention -> Application Cycle
  • Creating an environment where everyone contributes
      1. Observation and feedback
      2. When to act, when to watch, and when to wait
  • Improving delegation, communication, and motivation
      1. The link between communication and motivation
      2. Delegating effectively
  • Communicating technical designs and expectations
      1. Hidden traps in documentation (and other communications!)
      2. Cross-team/department/silo communication patterns


Workshop Dates

November 13-15, 2017



Bigham Knoll Campus in the historic mining town of Jacksonville, Oregon (Fly into Medford, Oregon)

(Hotel recommendations coming soon.)

  1. Breakfast, buffet lunch, and snacks are provided
  2. Vegetarian options provided
  3. No-host dinner each night where we can discuss what we learned
  4. Journals, pens and a copy of Becoming a Technical Leader are provided to each participant
  5. Class size is limited to 30 participants



(NOTE: If you prefer to pay by check, we will happily invoice you.  Email to arrange this.)

Early Bird tickets: October 14 to October 27, 2017 - $2,399 each

Regular tickets: After October 27, 2017 -  $2,699 each


Got questions?  Not sure if this is right for you?  Want to know our approach to a topic?

Email us at and we'll reply right away.


The Learning Leaders

Marcus Blankenship - Marcus has worked as a Software Engineer, Architect, Team Lead, Software Manager, Consultancy Owner, College Instructor, Leadership Coach and Business Coach.  He specializes in helping Technical Managers and Leaders create high-performing organizations.  His book, Habits That Ruin Your Technical Team is now available.   He is currently pursuing an I/O Psychology Degree (Leadership Specialization) from Penn State and lives in Eastern Oregon.

Amy Blankenship, RN, BSN, MSN-Ed  - Amy has worked as a Nursing Instructor at Oregon Health Sciences University, specializing in clinical simulations and interprofessional instruction.  She has also worked as a post-surgical nurse, hospice nurse, and a hospice clinical manager.  She currently serves as an Executive Board Member of Klamath Hospice, on the Oregon State Board of Nursing Curriculum Council, and as a leadership mentor for the Oregon Nurses Association.  She will begin her PhD in 2018 and also lives in Eastern Oregon.

Our Past Workshops

A two-day version of this workshop has been conducted at O'Reilly's Velocity NYC (2016) and Velocity San Jose (2017) conferences.  We are working with O'Reilly and to bring additional experiential workshops in 2018.


Money Back Guarantee

As with all our workshops, we offer an unconditional 100% money back guarantee.  No questions asked.

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